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Everything Alegria Mental Health does to engage and empower our clients includes these essential elements: ENCOURAGEMENT, EDUCATION and ACCOUNTABILITY.

Mental Health Recovery Education
Are you a parent, spouse or close friend of someone with a psychiatric disorder?  Would you like some practical, down to earth information about 'what the heck is going on'?   Even if you devour every page on every website on the internet or start reading dozens of books, you may still have questions.
I offer you, the significant people (usually family) in the lives of my clients information about different types of mental health disorders and how to locate and access mental health and addiction recovery services (including clinics, hospitals, physicians, counselors and support groups.   In addition, I can share from my own life experience what often helps or hurts in your daily interactions with someone who is struggling in their journey to mental wellness.

Life Skills Coaching

     Some clients want personalized, one-on-one assistance. Based on each person’s specific goals and readiness for rehabilitation, the coaching sessions deal with a variety of issues; anything from how to use public transit, pass the written driver’s license test, understanding the pros and cons of different living arrangements to banking and money management. My coaching is aimed at building self-confidence and decision-making skills while developing action plans related to specific goals, learning how to take risks and learn from our mistakes.  The coaching often takes place at an office, a community location such as the public library or a coffee shop, or by telephone.  

Career Exploration and Job Search Assistance

      More than half of adults with a serious mental illness are capable of and eager to work.  However, only 10 to 30 percent of these people are employed!  If securing gainful and meaningful employment is a client’s recovery goal, then Alegria will spend the necessary time and effort to empower them to find meaningful employment. We have helped clients locate and successfully apply for employment in a variety of industries including child care, tourism, retail, information technology, and food service and forestry.    Some of our past or present clients have returned to school to continue their formal education, while others have started their own home-based businesses.

How Do We Do All This?

     After building close working relationships with my clients from the very beginning of the coaching journey to foster trust,  I then gently push each person to consider all possible opportunities that are a good match for their abilities and interests, taking into account the realities of the limits created by a psychiatric disability. Unlike some supported employment programs, we do not engage in rapid job search; I help each client choose the kind of work they want and encourage them to do so at their own pace. Family input and communication is very important throughout the process, especially as I work with the youngest adults who often need more direct assistance than my older clients.

     I also engage in traditional vocational rehabilitation activities such as online and community job searches, resume and cover-letter writing and mock interviews.   I may accompany a client on a visit to a potential employment site to scope out the workplace and talk with employees and hiring managers to facilitate job placement  I will provide follow-along support for as long as they desire psychiatric rehabilitation support related to any aspect of their recovery.  

      As part of the career exploration process and to prepare for a successful job hunt a client may need guidance on how to find, apply for and secure any finance assistance needed for job training or formal education. Alegria helps with this. Though many of my clients often already have a great deal of post-secondary education, they often need to learn and/or update their knowledge and skills. And if education and life-long learning happens to be their number one recovery goal, I enthusiastically encourage them to GO FOR IT!

What do I charge for my services?  It depends on the family and client's desires, needs and ability to pay.  After the free initial consultation, I will be happy to create a customized program for you.


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