Independent Living:  A Home, An Education, Employment and of Course:    FRIENDS!

The journey from high school to adulthood should be full of joy.  Anxiety, depression and other serious challenges often stop the journey before it even begins.  Could your adult child benefit from some coaching to move from symptoms to success?   

When a son or daughter has experienced a mental health crisis or struggled with conditions like anxiety, bipolar disorder or long bouts of depression that may have started in their mid-teens, it seems like a nightmare that will never end.  Thankfully, many families are able to get treatment, including counseling and (if needed) medication and/or inpatient care.  Now the question is:  "what happens next?"   Most young people are eager to leave home, continue with their education, find a career and have friends.  Many young adults with mental health distress are often very creative, sensitive and intellectually gifted.  You and your loved one need to know more about what helps and what hurts as you make this transition together.  Continued treatment is usually needed;  and I encourage it.    Coaching in the 'ABCs' of daily life plus help with choosing, getting and keeping a job can help pull the loose ends together.           

Give me a call.  Send me an email.  Let's have a conversation.  An initial 60 minute phone consultation is free of charge.  If you and your child are motivated to take the next steps needed for independent living, I want to help you and your loved one put together a realistic action plan.  And then I will do my best to help that plan become reality via weekly meetings, activities in the community and holding clients accountable for each step as they move toward their goal.                          719-492-9335

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 My Vision

Alegria Mental Health envisions a world where people with serious mental illness experience increasing levels of hope, purpose and joy in their daily lives through mental health recovery, improved quality of life and occupying a valued role in the community.

The word Alegria means 'joy or happiness’ in Spanish. Work, whether parenting, volunteer activities, going to school, a part-time job, a full-time career or being an entrepreneur should be meaningful and produce joy in one's life as opposed to boredom, drudgery, anxiety or depression.

 My Mission

My mission is to provide some of the much-needed follow-up or 'wrap-around' services that inpatient and outpatient providers are aware their patients may need or desire, but may not have the resources to provide.  

My Services 
My services are personalized based on each client’s interests, strengths and goals. 
  • Life Coaching.  My clients seek me out because they need more personalized and intense help than they are currently receiving from doctors, therapists or support groups.  Learning how to build friendships, live independently or return to school are vital to recovery.
  • Career Exploration.  The number one recovery goal for people with mental health conditions is employment.  Individual vocational coaching is my most popular service.  I also work with local nonprofits to offer job readiness and recovery education.
  • Family Education and Support.  Do you have a loved one who may be on the verge of a mental health crisis or was recently discharged from an inpatient facility?  If so, your family may benefit from the personalized psycho-social education and support I offer. 
  •  I am a certified psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner (CPRP) and I'm ready to help you during and after this very stressful time.

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